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Absoft HPC Solution with Rolls + Rocks for x64 clusters

HiPERiSM Consulting, LLC, is pleased to offer the Absoft Rolls + Rocks product bundle from the Absoft Corporation, for Linux cluster users on AMD and Intel platforms with the following components.

Absoft components
Rocks components
Pro Fortran compiler suite
Linux Environment/Kernel: CentOS 4.5
Fx3 graphical debugger
Cluster Software Management: Rocks
Cluster State Management and Monitoring: Rocks and Ganglia
AMD Core Math Library (ACML)
Job Scheduling and Launching: PBS/Torque/Maui, SGE, or Moab
2D/3D Graphics Library
HPC Device Drivers (Interconnect and Storage): OFED IB, GigE, Myrinet, NFS, PVFS2, Panasas, nVidia/CUDA
Pre-Built MPICH Message Passing / Communication Layer: MPICH, OpenMPI
  • The Rocks + Roll software is complete, tested, integrated and easy to install
  • Rocks is open sourced so costs remain low
  • Annual support contracts for all Rocks + Roll components are available at a nominal charge
  • FREE trial versions are available

Rocks is a complete, open source Linux distribution (based on RHEL) designed specifically for HPC clusters, and the Absoft Roll integrates the complete Absoft compiler suite, fully tested and configured for Rocks. Rocks + Absoft Roll is a complete, plug-and-play solution


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