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Intel® Thread Checker for Windows*
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What's New in the Intel Thread Checker 1.0 for Windows
Thread Profiler
Get Insight into Threading Glitches
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Intel® Threading Tools make it easier to create multithreaded applications that take advantage of the performance benefits of Hyper-Threading Technology included in Intel® Pentium and Intel® Xeon™ processor-based computer systems. Hyper-Threading Technology from Intel enables the processor to execute two threads (parts of a software program) in parallel — so your software can run more efficiently.

Intel Threading Tools include Intel® Thread Checker, to locate threading errors, and Thread Profiler to identify thread performance issues.

Intel Thread Checker automatically locates bugs in threaded software that might otherwise go undetected. It eliminates this guesswork and pinpoints the location of errors to help quickly analyze and correct them.
Intel® Thread Checker for Windows
Intel Thread Checker graphical displays and groups errors by context for easy review. It can identify six levels of threading issues, from errors and warnings to informative comments. In addition, it classifies each issue it finds for easy prioritization: errors, warnings, cautions, informational and remarks. Sort errors by severity to focus on the most important issues first. Sorting by file lets you focus on bugs you own. Once you find the bugs, easily drill down to the root causes with several graphical tools.

Thread Profiler monitors your application’s execution to detect threading performance issues, including thread overhead and synchronization impact. Thread Profiler provides graphical displays to help analyze and correct threading bottlenecks for Win32* or OpenMP* threaded software.

What Others are Saying
“Using Intel® Thread Checker, we discovered two elusive bugs on the very first day, as well as a number of inconsistencies and opportunities for performance improvement. We were pleasantly surprised because our product, AcuSolve*, has been running successfully on multiple platforms for many years. We now have incorporated it [Thread Checker] in our basic development and release process.”
– Farzin Shakib
ACUSIM Software, Inc.
Features and Benefits
Automatic Error Detection saves time to create enough tests to catch the common, uncommon, and intermittent threading bugs
Detection of race conditions, thread deadlocks, and thread stalls saves execution time by finding even subtle parallel programming issues
Bug Isolation shows exactly which variables are causing the bug, where variables get used by the threads, where variables are declared, and the call stack to offending lines of code
Compatibility with Win32* APIs for Threads, C runtime library functions, and OpenMP* — Uses familiar Win32 API and C runtime library function plus all OpenMP pragmas and clauses
Choose any of several Microsoft compilers to build your software for analysis
Intel® Fortran and Intel® C++ Compilers — Displays additional details and the actual variable names, even when using pointers, if you build your software with an Intel compiler and the /Qtcheck command-line option
Trial version is available

What’s New in the Intel Thread Checker 1.0 for Windows
Integration with the Microsoft Visual Studio* .NET means you can run Intel Thread Checker and view results in the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development environment.
With the choice of more compilers to build your software, you can select the compiler to build your software for analysis: Intel® C++ Compiler, 7.0 or higher; Intel® Fortran Compiler 7.0 or higher; Microsoft Visual* C++ .NET* 2002, 2003 Editions; and Microsoft Visual C++, 6.0.
Provides one-click help for diagnostics to show possible causes and solution. When using the diagnostic view, just right click for diagnostic help.
Supports user-defined synchronization primitives, if you do not use Win32 or OpenMP libraries.
Now supports thread-count dependent OpenMP APIs and nested OpenMP parallel regions.
Get Insight into Threading Glitches
Intel Thread Checker helps you find and fix threading errors in Win32 and OpenMP threaded software, letting you tune your threaded software for better performance.

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Works Within Visual Studio*
Use Intel Thread Checker within the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development environment. Thread Checker is compatible with the Win32 APIs for Threads, the C runtime library functions, and OpenMP pragmas and clauses. It is integrated with Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer.
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Intel provides both the tools and support to enhance the performance, functionality and efficiency of software applications.

Compatible with leading Windows* and Linux* development environments, Intel® Software Development Products are the fastest and easiest way to take advantage of the latest features of Intel processors. Intel Software Development Products are designed for use in the full development cycle, and include Intel® Performance Libraries, Intel Compilers (C++, Fortran for Windows and Linux), Intel® VTune™ analyzers, Intel® Threading Tools and Intel® Cluster Tools.
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