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This page summarizes hyperlinks and information for the OpenMP community. Follow the hyperlinks on this page to find more details. Feel free to contact us if you have information (or links) that could be added here.

Look here for an overview of OpenMP enabled compilers for Intel™ platforms.

Don't know about OpenMP? Check out the HC2 training course option.


OpenMP meetings

Recent OpenMP meetings are listed here:

  • WOMPAT 2001 Workshop on OpenMP Applications and Tools
  • WOMPEI International Workshop on OpenMP
  • EWOMP 2000 Second European Workshop on OpenMP
  • WOMPAT2000 Workshop on OpenMP Applications and Tools

Shared Memory Compiler Development

In addition to the OpenMP compiler support from hardware vendors, software vendors and research groups are developing their own OpenMP enabled compilers:

Distributed Shared Memory Compiler Development

Several proposal have been put forward (or implemented) for extensions to OpenMP for combinations of shared and distributed memory systems.

Software Vendor Examples
Company (and URL) Parallel HPC product
Etnus, Inc. (http://www.etnus.com) TotalView™ portable multiple processor and multi-thread parallel debug tool with GUI interface
KAI Software, a division of Intel Americas, Inc. (http://www.kai.com)
  • Intel Thread Checker™ for OpenMP code validation and performance
  • DVSM™ : (alpha product) for distributed virtual shared memory extensions to OpenMP
  • ASCI PathForward Ultrascale Tools Initiative RTS – Parallel Systems Performance Project (see Pallas, below)
Pallas GmbH (http://www.pallas.com)
  • Intel Trace Collectorô and Intel Trace Analyzerô for tracing performance of MPI applications
  • Teams with KAI on the ASCI project to develop scalable performance tools for shared memory (SMP) and distributed memory (DMP) systems. (This tool will report parallel performance uniformly, and track standards of both SMP and DMP language extensions in mixed-mode paradigms).
Absoft Corporation (http://www.absoft.com)

Intel Americas, Inc. (http://www.intel.com)

Lahey Computer Systems, Inc., (http://www.lahey.com)

The Portland Group (now an STMicroelectronics company) (http://www.pgroup.com)

Parallel enabled Fortran 77/90/95 and C compilers for the Linux operating system.


Static code analysis tools, F77 to F90/95 translators, etc.


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