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 S_Hilogosm2.bmp (182142 bytes)  HiPERiSM - High Performance Algorism Consulting

 We chose the name as a concatenation of the above three syllables, and to explain the last one we offer the following information.

 Algorism - "The art of calculating with any species of notation" is what the Merriam Webster Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language offers as one definition (and spelling). The entymology of the word goes back to al-Khuwarizmi, the name of a 9th century Muslim mathematician. From the Oxford Dictionary of the Engllish Language (ODEL, 1933) we have that "al-Khowarazmi, the native of Khwarasm i Khiva, surname of the Arab mathematician Abu Ja'far Mohammed Ben Musa, who flourished early in the 9th c., and through the translation of whose work on Algebra, the Arabic numerals became generally known in Europe." On usage the ODEL further states: "English ... shows two forms... the popular augrime .... and the learned algorism which passed through many pseudo-etymological perversions, including a recent algorithm ...."

Algorisms is one of our specialties and we like the idea that those who mastered al-Khowarazmi's methods (algebra) were an elite group in the early middle ages. If you are working in the elite group of High Performance Computing (HPC) we would welcome an opportunity to talk with you about what we can offer.

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