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HiPERiSM Consulting issues ad hoc newsletters on selected topics in multiprocessor computing.  Newsletters are available in electronic form at this site and are copyright by HiPERiSM Consulting, LLC. Each newletter begins with an editorial commentary from HiPERiSM's CEO (whenever appropriate). All trade names mentioned are the property of the owners and opinions expressed here are not necessarily shared by them. HiPERiSM welcomes feed-back from readers - we are here to listen!


1999-1   Parallel Programming and Industry Trends

1999-2   HiPERiSM's Overview of OpenMP presented in a minisymposium   (MS4) at the Fifth SIAM Conference on Mathematical and Computational Issues in the Geosciences.

2003-1   HiPERiSM's presentation at the 2003 Models-3 Users' Workshop. October 27-29, Research Triangle Park, NC. (For an update of this report visit the Technical Reports pages).

2006-1   Cluster Industry Trends - The multi-core revolution

2011-1   The many-core revolution has arrived - are you ready?

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