5 Reasons To Buy Absoft Over Competing Brands

        1. Performance - Technology, Auto Parallel Code & Benchmark Comparisons
        2. Ease of Use - Benefits of Absoft's Exclusive IDE Designed for Fortran
        3. Features - Absoft Exclusive Features, Including IMSL Bundles, MRWE & more
        4. Support - Benefits and Range of Absoft Technical Support Resources
        5. Pricing - Why Absoft is the Better Value and Most Complete Product

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1. Superior Performance…

Absoft advanced compiler technology automates building parallel code and produces highly optimized applications on single and multi-core systems.

Effective with the v10.2 release, all Absoft compilers incorporate the most advanced optimization technologies including auto-parallelization and auto-vectorization of code. To simplify operation for the customer, the installer sniffs the system configuration and code is automatically parallelized and vectorized for maximum performance on your single or multi-core system. In addition to superior performance, Absoft compilers are fully link and debug compatible with primary C/C++ compilers for different environments including Microsoft C/C++, gnu c and Apple C/C++, so building mixed language applications is easy and straight forward. Examples of building mixed Fortran/C code are included in the Absoft User Guide.

Absoft code is faster code! Absoft's superior performance has been verified by outside companies such as Polyhedron using their Fortran benchmark suite, which compares the performance of different Fortran compilers across a suite of 16 different tests.
Absoft and Intel are typically the top performers. Intel produces faster code on Intel processors and Absoft produces faster code than Intel on AMD processors. Details available at Polyhedron's site. Times are in seconds so lower numbers are faster.

Intel x86/Windows: http://www.polyhedron.com/pb05-win32-f90bench_p40html
AMD x86/Windows: http://www.polyhedron.com/benchamdwin

Intel X64/Linux: http://www.polyhedron.com/pb05-linux-f90bench_p40html
AMD x64/Linux: http://www.polyhedron.com/pb05-linux-f90bench_AMD0html

Bottom line - Absoft code is among the fastest available from any vendor.


2. Ease of Use… Superior Performance…

It is not only the compiler, but the development environment, debugger and other tools which fully determine ease-of-use and productivity.

Easier to Use - Absoft Development Environment is designed for Fortran
Absoft Pro Fortran is easier to use because, Absoft is the only commercial vendor to provide Fortran compilers, AND a graphical integrated development environment (IDE) designed for Fortran.

Most Fortran vendors focus on the Fortran compiler and adapt it as best they can to whatever system environment it is in. This frees them from the expense of creating and supporting a proper IDE for Fortran. Sometimes command line interfaces can fill the gap, but Windows and Mac, customers expect complete graphical solutions. It is one of the reasons they purchased those systems.

Only Absoft Pro Fortran includes a Fortran compiler AND a commercial IDE designed for Fortran. Other vendors try and work around the lack of a Fortran IDE by using the Visual Studio environment on Windows and Xcode on Mac. Unfortunately, the IDEs from Microsoft and Apple, while excellent for C/C++, were not designed for Fortran. In fact, they know nothing about Fortran and Fortran debugging requirements nor do they provide a Fortran application framework. Absoft not only provides an IDE designed for Fortran, but also adds exclusive features such as automatic tracking of Fortran module dependencies, and IDE tools, which know about Fortran arrays, Fortran storage classes and other capabilities that other compiler vendors using Visual Studio and Xcode do not provide. All this makes programming with Absoft, easier and faster. The Absoft IDE also supports Microsoft C/C++, Apple C/C++ and gcc as optional plug-ins for customers interested in developing mixed Fortran/C code.

Some of the main feature in the Absoft Fortran IDE include: Absoft exclusive features in red. View IDE Screenshot

  • Advanced 32-bit and 64-bit compilers for Windows, Linux or Mac OS
  • Fx3 debugger, recognized as one of the best Fortran debuggers available, also supports C/C++ and assembler View Fx3 Screenshot
  • Graphical interfaces and command line interfaces
  • Automatic Fortran module dependency tracking
  • MRWE application framework (Windows & Mac) View MRWE Screenshot
  • Optimized pre-built math libraries including: BLAS, LAPACK, ATLAS
  • Graphics: 2D/3D pre-built and ready to display your results
  • Supports select 3rd party products including IMSL, Microsoft C/C++, Apple C/C++ and gnu c compilers as plug-ins, which further simplify development.
  • Same look, feel and functionality on Windows, Linux and Mac. Only 1 learning curve!

Absoft Pro Fortran is more complete and the only suite designed for Fortran. Nothing else to buy or learn!

Easier to Use - Absoft Fx3 is a better Fortran debugger
Absoft Fx3 debugger is designed for Fortran, C/C++ and assembler.
Debuggers provided by Microsoft, Apple and gnu are good, but were designed for C/C++ and not Fortran. Effective Fortran debugging requires support for Fortran specific constructs such as array indexing, allocatable arrays, the ability to display memory in all Fortran storage classes including allocatable arrays, variables in modules and common and more. Designed for Fortran, Fx3 also supports C/C++ and assembler as well. Fx3 is compatible with Absoft, Apple, gnu, Intel, Microsoft and Pathscale compilers and is available as a stand-alone product for Mac OS/Intel and x86 & x86_x64/Linux.
Better debugging increases productivity. Make sure you use Fx3 on your Fortran code.

Easier to Use - Fx3 provides a Graphical debugging interface for Fortran
Most customers find graphical debugging easier to use, and more productive than simple command lines. Especially in highly graphical environments like Windows and Mac. Fx3 provides not only full support for Fortran, but also a full graphical interface. Compare the Absoft debugging solution to the Intel debugging solution for Mac OS/Intel customers:

Absoft Solution - Fx3 debugger INCLUDES graphical and command line interfaces.

Intel's IDB debugger for Mac OS does NOT INCLUDE a graphical interface. According to Intel's 'Getting Started with the Intel Debugger' document which ships with Intel Fortran v11.0. 'The GUI-based version is available on systems based on IA-32 or Intel 64 architecture running Linux OS'


3. Special Features… Ease of Use… Superior Performance…

As illustrated above, Absoft products include not only advanced compiler technology, but also several additional features, which boost productivity and simplify code development. View Polyhedron Benchmarks on AMD

Absoft compilers automate building muti-threaded, vectorized applications for today's latest processors. Absoft code is documented to be among the fastest in the industry

Absoft has the best IDE for Fortran developers. Designed by Fortran specialists for Fortran developers, it provides Fortran specific features like automatic module dependency tracking not available elsewhere. Excellent for small or large scale projects, novice or expert programmer. Included FREE with all copies of Pro Fortran. View IDE Screenshot

Fx3 graphical debugger - The superior Fortran debugger supports C/C++ and assembly language as well. Provides graphical debugging for Windows, Linux and Mac, even when other vendors do not. Supports compilers from Absoft, Apple, Intel, gnu Microsoft and Pathscale. Included FREE with each Pro Fortran and is available as a stand-alone item for Mac OS/Intel and x86_64 Linux. View Fx3 Screenshot

Absoft's exclusive MRWE application framework - Can automatically give your program a native Windows or Mac style interface with menus, a text window, and a graphics window. MRWE allows you to create applications with windows and menus, without knowledge of the system API and user interface guidelines. MRWE is written completely in Fortran and full source is included as an example of Fortran programming using native API interfaces. View MRWE Screenshot

Absoft offers the most IMSL numerical library options at lower cost - Absoft is the only Fortran vendor to offer Fortran+IMSL bundle pricing on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Absoft provides more IMSL options, better pricing and exclusive packages. These bundles offer great value for anyone doing numerically intensive programming (additional details below).

Absoft's exclusive MaxFlex site license allows dynamic switching of Absoft Pro Fortran license(s) across Windows, Linux and Mac environments. Excellent for education or other heterogeneous environments. Save money and improve productivity. View Licensing Options

Absoft - One learning curve for Windows, Linux or Mac OS.
The Absoft IDE provides same look, feel and functionality on Windows, Linux and Mac. Increases productivity of multi-platform developers. Microsoft C/C++, gcc and Apple C/C++ supported as plug-ins for mixed language development. Only one learning curve even with multiple platforms. No other commercial Fortran vendor provides a similar solution.

FREE trial copies for Pro Fortran for Windows, Linux or Mac OS. Try before you buy with Absoft trial versions of the latest software. Absoft tech support will answer your questions.

FREE Personal Use License. Need an additional license of Absoft Pro Fortran for your home system? Absoft includes free Personal Use licenses with every purchase at no extra charge.

Absoft's Exclusive IMSL Bundles - 5 ways Absoft saves money and adds value

1. Absoft Exclusive - SAVE $300+ on IMSL when you bundle with Absoft Pro Fortran.
Developers of numerical applications worldwide are well acquainted with IMSL's collection of 1000 special function numerical and statistical libraries. Often referred to as the 'Gold Standard' of numerical libraries, IMSL can save development time, produce better code, and typically pays for itself after using only two routines. IMSL purchased in Absoft bundles saves $300 compared to VNI's suggest commercial stand-alone price.

2. Absoft Exclusive - IMSL bundles available for Windows, Linux and Mac.
Unlike other Fortran vendors, Absoft is not only an IMSL distributor but also actively builds and validates IMSL ports for Windows, Linux and Mac. This allows Absoft resellers to offer special Pro Fortran + IMSL bundles for Windows, Linux and Mac OS at greatly reduced prices. Similar bundles for Windows, Linux and Mac are NOT AVAIABLE DIRECTLY FROM OTHER FORTRAN VENDORS. Where IMSL is available from other vendors, it may be for only a single platform or require purchase through another source at prices typically higher than with Absoft IMSL bundles. Save money and get everything from one source.

3. Absoft Exclusive - Save $200 on IMSL from Absoft compared to other vendors. Not only do Absoft Pro Fortran + IMSL bundles for Windows, Linux and Mac offer substantial savings over individual component pricing, they also offer significant savings when compared to Fortran + IMSL bundle pricing for compilers from other vendors because Absoft provides IMSL at lower cost than the competition. This pricing is available only with Absoft compilers through Absoft resellers worldwide.
Absoft offers the full IMSL numerical libraries at the LOWEST COST!

4. IMSL Bundle pricing comparison (below): Absoft+IMSL saves $200 vs Intel+IMSL

Fortran + IMSL bundles
                             Absoft Pro Fortran        Intel IVF Pro
IMSL for Windows (commercial) purchase :         $1399                          $1599
IMSL for Mac OS (commercial) purchase:           $1399                             N/A
IMSL for Linux (commercial) purchase:               $2494                             N/A

5. Absoft Exclusive - IMSL 32-bit + 64-bit bundles from Absoft SAVE you $350
VNI offers IMSL libraries in both 32-bit and 64-bit configurations. VNI/IMSL license policies consider each a separate product. If you need both, and many people do, you will need to purchase both and no bundle pricing is available from VNI or other Fortran vendors.

Absoft does offer specially priced 32+64-bit IMSL bundles. With Absoft, purchase 32-bit at full price and get the 64-bit version for the same platform for 50% off. This represents an additional $350 for commercial customers requiring both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the libraries. These special 32/64 bundles are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS, ONLY from Absoft resellers worldwide. Contact your reseller for details.


4. Support… Special Features… Ease of Use… Superior Performance…

FREE Technical Support - for as long as your version of Pro Fortran is current!

Absoft provides a comprehensive list of top quality, technical resources at NO CHARGE to registered customers. Experienced engineers provide technical support directly to the end user via several channels.

  • Email technical support questions to support@absoft.com 24/7. Questions typically answered the same day.
  • Absoft TELEPHONE support with experienced technical support engineers who can help diagnose technical problems Monday - Friday 9AM - 3PM EST, FREE.
  • Absoft moderated User Forum open 24/7 utilizes Absoft customers and Absoft engineers to resolve questions. Absoft Forum
  • Absoft FAQs research or find answer commonly asked questions 24/7. FAQ Page
  • Fortran Coding Examples provide examples and information regarding Fortran coding techniques. Coding Examples
  • Download Quick Fixes and Service Packs. Keep your Absoft software performing its best. FREE Updates
  • Absoft documentation library available 24/7 provides access to Absoft's collection of on-line documentation that includes coding examples, tips on porting code and more. Documentation Library
  • Companion software library. Looking for software which can import /export Fortran code to Excel? Other things? Visit Absoft Companion 3rd party resources.
  • FREE Pro Fortran trial versions. Check out the software before you buy for free.
  • Grandfather Clause for new releases - When Absoft starts shipping a new version, all customers who purchased that product within the past 60 days and notify Absoft of such within 30 days are qualified for a free upgrade to the new release.


5. Pricing… Support… Special Features… Ease of Use… Superior Performance…

Absoft - Can save you $100s or $1000 of dollars on software
Not only do Absoft products include advanced technology, produce faster code and include the most complete Fortran development suite available, Absoft leads the industry in superior pricing and more license options. Examples below show Absoft prices for floating network licenses are at least 20% lower than Intel's (based on listed commercial prices at time of comparison).

Sample SRP Absoft vs. Intel price comparison:   Absoft Pro      Intel Pro

Mac or Windows license single machine                  $699               $699
Mac or Windows license 1 user floating                  $899                $N/A
Mac or Windows license 2 user floating                  $1790              $2399
Mac or Windows license 5 user floating                  $4475              $5399

Absoft Exclusive - MaxFlex is a type of site license which allow dynamic mixing of licenses for Windows, Linux and Mac. MaxFlex is the best value for mix platform environments. Based on manufacturer's suggested retails the chart below illustrates the superior savings offered by an Absoft MaxFlex license for Mac AND Windows. It is about the same price as an Intel floating license for Mac OR Windows. No other Fortran vendors offers similar values.

Absoft Mac AND Windows 1 user floating license      $1404              $N/A
Absoft Mac AND Windows 2 user floating license      $2639              $N/A
Absoft Mac AND Windows 5 user floating license      $5525              $N/A

Absoft MaxFlex provides twice the value and extra convenience!

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