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Mesoscale Model Version 5 (MM5)

The PSU/NCAR mesoscale model (known as MM5) is a limited-area, nonhydrostatic, terrain-following sigma-coordinate model designed to simulate or predict mesoscale atmospheric circulation. The model is supported by several pre- and post-processing programs, which are referred to, collectively, as the MM5 modeling system. The MM5 modeling system software is mostly written in Fortran, and has been developed at Penn State and NCAR as a community mesoscale model with contributions from users worldwide. The model is well documented, with extensive tutorials, is well supported, and ample details may be found at the MM5 UR https://www2.mmm.ucar.edu/mm5/.

The specific version supported by HiPERiSM Consulting is the Linux port with the Portland Group compilers for both the serial and parallel versions. This compiler was chosen because it is a Fortran 90 compiler and supports Cray pointers. In addition there has been a relatively long experience with the Linux and Portland Group compiler combination and several important issues have been documented in problem reports at the MM5 URL.

MM5 is a regional model and requires initial conditions and lateral boundary conditions. For lateral boundary conditions gridded data is required for the whole time interval of the model run. Thus the ability to procure gridded meteorological data and observations is assumed. The MM5 modeling system does not require NCAR graphics, but some programs in MM5 may use parts of NCAR graphics to generate graphical output. The parts of NCAR Graphics required by MM5 are freely available at https://www2.mmm.ucar.edu/mm5/.



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