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Regional Modeling System for Aerosols and Desposition (REMSAD)

The Regional Modeling System for Aerosols and Deposition (REMSAD) was developed by ICF Consulting and their subsidiary, System Applications International, with major portions of the development funded by the U.S. EPA. It has been make available to the public as a modeling study system for the distribution, sources, and removal processes related to particulate, acidic, and toxic air pollutants. REMSAD uses a streamlined micro-CB gas-phase chemistry mechanism that enables efficient continental scale year-long simulations.

REMSAD has the following capabilities and features:

  • Based on the variable-grid Urban Airshed Model (UAM-V)
  • Two-way grid nesting
  • Spatial ranges from a metropolitan area to continental scales
  • Temporal ranges typically for a full year
  • Emissions injection
  • Reduced CB-IV mechanism
  • Inclusion of mercury chemistry
  • Horizontal advection/diffusion solver
  • Vertical advection/diffusion, and deposition solver
  • Modeling of particulate matter
  • Wet and dry deposition of gaseous and particulate species
  • Output for gridded, averaged surface and multi-layer instantaneous concentrations
  • Output for surface deposition of all species and grids simulated


REMSAD has some limitations that include:

  • Simplified ozone chemistry
  • No inclusion of a plume-in-grid for plume chemistry and dynamics of large point sources.


This summary is based on information found at the REMSAD site http://remsad.icfconsulting.com/ where the current version of REMSAD is available.



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