HiPERiSM Services: HC-AQM computing resource options

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The HC-AQM services computing resource is offered with three options.

OPTION Deliverable Target Customers Business Model
I Compute Service

Includes a dedicated computing resource for your use, requirements analysis, data storage & back-up, and Email support for our systems.

Customers who (a) have their own modeling and computer support staff,  (b) need added computational capacity, and (c) prefer to prepare all model computations themselves and upload them to our server for local execution. Contract with a flat-rate monthly fee for dedicated service. (Multi-month discounts are available).
II Support Service

Includes all deliverables in Option I with the addition of personal phone and Email support on all customer issues beyond systems support.

Customers who need assistance in model execution support and value-added support to maximize workload throughput using task schedulers. Contract with a monthly fee equal to 25% of the contract amount chosen in Option I.
III Model Support Service

Includes model compilation, execution, and data management  by staff at HiPERISM Consulting, LLC.

Customers who (a) do not have local expertise or resources to meet deliverables or deadlines, and (b) require additional compute capacity. Such customers may outsource model execution to our staff. Contract with a negotiated monthly fee for the number of Model Support Service months required.




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