HiPERiSM Services: S & E data Visualization overview

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The HiPERiSM Consulting Science and Engineering data Visualization (HC-SEV) service offers several options to make data sets of complex and advanced models visible for end-users. Visualization is an important part of pre- and post-processing of large multi-dimensional data sets because it helps to:

  • Summarize results
  • Find insight into spatial & temporal data
  • Discover new data dependencies
  • Debug models by asking: do the results make sense?

The visualization software supported in the HC-SEV service offers numerous options to select and view multi-dimensional data. Features that are accessible by views in one or other of the supported software products are summarized in the following Table.

Types of visualizations



Time variation of geographic data Species in regular and irregular two (or three) dimensional grids
Scalar variable values (e.g. species concentration) as time series Cell-based model predictions or scattered data in multidimensional grids
Scalar visualizations Colored grid cells, volume slices, volume rendering, and isosurfaces
Vector fields Direction vectors or particle traces
Statistical views Time series of variables in cells, histograms, Box-and-whisker plots, profiles of slices, etc.
Custom features Grid cell time aggregated statistics, area data, etc.
Annotations Map projections for continents, states, counties, watersheds, rivers, or roads, etc.
Topography Surfaces showing overlays such as land use or satellite image overlays.



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