HiPERiSM Services: HC-SEV Phases

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The HC-SEV service is offered in PHASES where each has deliverables specific to different target customer needs.

PHASE Deliverable Target Customers Business Model
I Turn-Key System

Includes preparation, requirements analysis, on-site installation & basic orientation training, with 90 hours of operations support.

Customers who (a) have their own visualization and computer support staff, and (b) need only the operational availability of the visualization tools in the HC-SEV package Contract with one-time fee per installation and per site.
II Visualization Development

Includes custom visualization application development, requirements analysis, model data preparation, format conversion, and report documentation.

Customers who (a) have computer support but do not have their own visualization staff and (b) need assistance in visualization development and general pre- and post-processing support. Contract with a monthly fee for the number of Visualization Development months required.
III Visualization Service

Includes  image and animation file production for visualizations on HiPERiSM Consulting, LLC’s resources, with data sets provided by the customer (or prepared under contract in PHASE II).

Customers who (a) do not have local expertise or resources to meet deliverables or deadlines, and (b) require additional capacity. Such customers may outsource visualization requirements  to our Visualization  Service. Contract with a monthly fee for the number of Visualization Service months required.



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