Curriculum Vitae - George Delic, email:

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Work Experience

Years of experience in positions similar to Senior Computer Specialist (43+ years)

43+ years programmer/analyst experience including:

- 13+ years experience in the use of shared memory vector processor Supercomputers

- 14+ years experience in the use of either IBM mainframe computers, VAX minicomputers or microcomputers, and

- 13+ years experience in interactive data processing; and applications development;

- 16+ years experience with programming languages in IBM mainframes, VAX minicomputers and/or microcomputers;

- 11+ years demonstrated supervisory experience.

Description of work experience:

Senior Scientific Applications Consultant, Lockheed Martin 01/93-11/02 (9 years, 11 months).

- Manages the CSS staff (15 mos) to support/assist users in efficient computationally intensive national research with EPA.

- Appointed as Contract Task Manager (CTM) (2years, 8 mos) to supervise LM team of six staff in response to EPA contract tasking in algorithm and software development for EPA Air Quality Models.

- Work is performed in an interactive UNIX workstation environment which provides both local service and access to Cray Y-MP/C-94 platform.

- Delegates tasking to CSS staff and performs performance appraisal reviews of staff.

- Interacts with EPA researchers, managers, staff and vendors in defining system application requirements for computational science support functions requiring numerical analysis and statistical software packages.

- Evaluates needs, plans, advertises, interviews/hires and maintains competent/experienced staff for CSS. Prepares for regular planning and budget reviews with staff and management.

- Serves as consultant to EPA and Lockheed Martin researchers/managers in planning for technical capabilities and future initiatives in computationally intensive scientific support activities.

- Assures compliance with NDPD/ETSD/Lockheed Martin Technical Services, Inc., contract and applicable policies/procedures and monitors EPA Management Work Plan tasking.

- Uses workstation and PC windows environment (MicroSoft Windows 3.1, and NT 4.0) for spreadsheets applications and accesses communications software, plot/graphic packages, math/modeling packages (e.g., MATHCAD) and word processing functions (e.g., Framemaker), and performs basic statistical analysis with Statistica (PC/MS Windows 3.1) and the SAS system (UNIX platform).

- Develops/applies Fortran 90 language skills and writes HTML based learning tools for EPA customer training.

- Acts as expert consultant on Cray C94 numerical libraries (IMSL, NAGLIB), performs research and development of efficient algorithms for EPA researchers, and optimizes code for performance on the C90 PVP system.
  Principal Analyst, Sterling Federal Systems, Inc., 06/92-12/92 (6 months).

- Used UNIX workstations to conduct interactive data analysis.

- Conducted performance analysis of EPA user community applications.

- Provided system application requirements to support EPA scientific users in converting/optimizing scientific applications written in FORTRAN 77/C for Cray Y-MP (UNICOS 6.1).

- Contributed to development of long/short range planning and projects for EPA Supercomputing user services needs.

- Developed plan for user services support group to establish staffing, equipment, budget allocation to support new center: National Environmental Supercomputing Center (NESC) in Bay City, MI.

- Conducted site visits to EPA Laboratories throughout US to identify latent user community large-scale computing requirements.

- Established user contact to identify supercomputing needs of the EPA NESC scientific user community.

- Promoted the NESC resources/user support; identified more efficient available code relative to algorithmic/computational aspects of users' science.

- Identified projects suitable for supercomputing environment; defined latent computational requirements for projects in planning/development stage.

- Identified candidate users for optimization training; trained scientific users in optimizing UNICOS/FORTRAN 77 code.

- Responded to trimester work plan tasks for the NESC linking 100+ users at 9 US laboratories to Cray Y-MP in Bay City via TCP/IP protocols.
  Self Employed, 07/91-05/92 (11 months).

- Provided consultation/training to scientific users physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, mathematics, industry at national centers (e.g., NCSA) to convert/restructure/optimize FORTRAN 77 code (e.g., condensed matter physics/fluid flow) under UNICOS 6.0.
  Senior Supercomputer Resources Specialist, Ohio Supercomputer Center/Lecturer, Ohio State University, 05/88-06/91 (3 years, 1 month).

- Consulted with scientific users to optimize application performance on 8 processor Y-MP & 2 processor X-MP under UNICOS.

- Programmed algorithmic changes; vectorized FORTRAN 77/C code; applied parallelization; employed preprocessing tools (e.g., fpp, cf77) to achieve maximum performance/resource utilization of physics, chemistry, engineering applications. (2 yrs)

- Led programmer/analyst team in development/implementation of state-of-the art performance analysis tools to present performance metrics in user friendly report.

- Used workstation (NeXT and SUN Microsystems) and PC windows environment for spreadsheets applications and accesses communications software, plot/graphic packages, math/modeling packages (e.g., MATHCAD) and word processing functions (e.g., Framemaker), and performed basic statistical analysis.
  Senior Lecturer (with tenure), Physics Department, University of Witwatersrand, 09/79-04/88 (8 years, 8 months).

- Performed program and product development on IBM 30XX mainframe and Perkin Elmer Microcomputer (VAX look-alike)/PCs. (4 years 4 months) Published in theoretical physics/computation (e.g., transport theories, numerical algorithms, solutions/methods for non-linear partial and ordinary differential equations (PDE & ODE), scattering).

- Lectured graduate/undergraduate courses in physics; (8 yrs) supervised 10+ graduate/undergraduate research projects (e.g., nuclear scattering, non-linear diffusion/transport); conducted seminars in theoretical physics, numerical algorithms, scientific computation; planned and organized workshops advised campus committees on supercomputers in scientific computation.

- Voting member of various University committees.

  Research Fellow, Institut f�r Kernphysik, Technische Hochschule Darmstadt, 05/77-08/79 (2 years, 3 months).

- At GSI Darmstadt scientific computing center, performed development and production work and large scale scientific computation, optimized own nuclear scattering FORTRAN 77 applications in production environment at premier National IBM 30XX/TSO data center (GSI, Darmstadt, Germany).
  Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Nuclear Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, 09/74-09/76 (2 years).

- Converted/optimized own nuclear scattering FORTRAN 77 code for production environment on CDC 7600 supercomputer.
  Research Assistant, Institut f�r Kernphysik, Technische Hochschule Darmstadt, 06/71-08/74 (3 years, 2 months).

- Developed FORTRAN 77 application codes (e.g., wrote 10,000+ lines of code) computing nuclear scattering to achieve computational efficiency on IBM platform.

- Published research in computational physics (e.g., nuclear scattering), and developed original research results published in numerical and computational science journals.

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