HiPERiSM's Absoft offer of MATFOR Visualization Tools

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Absoft's offer of MATFOR Visualization Tools available at HiPERiSM

HiPERiSM Consulting, LLC, is pleased to offer the MATFOR Visualization products from the Absoft Corporation, for multiple platforms.

MATFOR Products and Features
Supported Operating Systems
MATFOR is a collection of Visualization Tools & Libraries, which display data in a variety of formats from 2D/3D graphs to real-time animations.
MacOS Intel
Linux x86_64
Linux PPC
MATFOR EXPRESS is a subset of MATFOR, which retains the ease-of-use, and primary graphics capabilities as well as Windows and Frame, Display, Recording, Camera and Special functions.

Special Promotion -

Through a special agreement between Absoft and ANCAD, customers who purchase, or upgrade to Absoft Pro Fortran v10.1 for Windows are eligible to receive MATFOR EXPRESS - ABSOLUTELY FREE!


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