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Absoft Pro Fortran™ from HiPERiSM


HiPERiSM Consulting, LLC, is pleased to offer products from the Absoft Corporation, for Windows, Mac OS X, MacOS/Intel, and Linux cluster users. These include Absoft compilers, packages with programming  tools, and libraries

One-stop shopping for FORTRAN developers on multiple hardware platforms
  • Affordable solutions
  • Multiple products in one package
  • Productivity and performance in a single solution
  • Absoft tools for "three-click" installation and license management
  • Support for AMD and Intel processors
  • Free technical support, maintenance, and updates included
  • Snapshot of the Absoft Fx3 debugging solution
  • VAST auto-vectorization, auto-parallelization, and OpenMP support
  • Preconfigured open source libraries: ScaLAPACK, LAPACK95
  • Fortran IDE
  • Math libraries
  • Graphics libraries
Why Absoft?
  • "Best of Breed" HPC software for all of today's leading platforms
  • Easy to install programming environment
  • New releases come at preferred pricing for current license owners
  • Auto-parallel and vector tools with support for OpenMP and MPI
  • Includes the top performing Absoft Fortran compiler: see the benchmarks
  • The complete Absoft Rolls + Rocks solution for Linux clusters

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