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Course HC1: A Handbook for Fortran Applications on Cray Vector Systems




This course is intended for experienced Fortran 77 (& Fortran 90/95) programmers who have used serial platforms from workstations to mainframes and wish to develop code on Cray vector computers. No prior knowledge of programming vector register/pipeline computers is assumed.



The course teaches participants how to write vector fortran code for Cray vector processors. Special attention is devoted to issues related to porting legacy code to Cray implementations and how to use (or interpret) performance tools and metrics to optimize performance.

Day 1: Morning

  1. Programming a supercomputer
  2. Operation of the Cray vector hardware
  3. Performance analysis tools

Day 1: Afternoon

  1. A fortran code performance comparison of Cray vector computers
  2. Performance attributes
  3. Code translators and compilers

Day 2: Morning

  1. Programming vector computers

Day 2: Afternoon

  1. Case studies of code performance on Cray vector computers

Cray is a registered trademark of Cray Inc.


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