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Course HC4: Using Shared Memory Parallel LibrariesNAG_MEDIUM.GIF (2535 bytes)

By special arrangement this course is presented by specialists from the Numerical Algorithms Group, Inc., http://www.nag.com



Knowledge of the Shared Memory Parallel (SMP) OpenMP paradigm or Completion of HiPERiSM's 2-day course HC2: "Using OpenMP for Parallel Computing." Access to an SMP platform (e.g. SGI Origin 2K) is required for the Lab exercises.


This one-day course teaches participants how to use the NAG shared memory parallel libraries.

Morning: The NAG SMP library

  1. Brief review of SMP parallelism
  2. Benefits and problem areas

  3. OpenMP review
  4. Discussion of the compiler directive approach to implementing parallelism, as opposed to explicit multithreading with details of OpenMP directives.

  5. The NAG SMP library

A. General introduction

B. Available routines

C. Library performance

D. Using the NAG SMP library

Afternoon: Hands-on Lab session

The hands-on Lab session comprises of several small programming excercises and one or two "real world excercises. 


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