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Numerical Algorithms Group, Inc., product pricing

Due to the complexity and continuous development of NAG, Inc., product implementations on a wide variety of platforms quotations will be issued for customer specifications on an individual basis. To simplify the preparation of a price quote please provide the following information:
  • Computer hardware
  • Operating system
  • Native compiler
  • Contact name and address

Numerical Algorithms Group, Inc., license types:

  • Annual license must be renewed each year with the first day of the month following shipment as the anniversary date.
  • Perpetual license inludes one year of maintenance and support. After that time, optional annual support may be licensed for a fee.
Numerical Algorithms Group, Inc., product Numerical Algorithms Group, Inc., license type
Fortran compilers and tools Perpetual licenses
  • f95
  • FTN90
  • Fortran 77 to Fortran 90 converter
  • f90/77 Tools
  • f90/95 Test Suite
Visualization tools Perpetual licenses
  • NAG Graphics Library
  • IRIS Explorer
Libraries Annual and perpetual licenses
  • Fortran Library
  • C Library
  • fl90 Library
  • FL90 Plus Library
  • Parallel Library
  • Fortran SMP Library

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