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Services for Algorithms:
  • Research and development of high performance algorithms
  • Requirements analysis for serial, vector, and parallel platforms


Example of a comparison for three algorithms used to compute the permanent of (0,1) matrices for orders n=5, 10, 15, 20 on the Cray C90. The three algorithms are: Ryser(R), Nijenhuis and Wilf (NW), and Kallman (K). The Kallman algorithm is more than 24 times faster than NW for n=20, and for the customer requirement it enabled the computation of the permanent for matrices with order n=60 in 15.5 hours on the Cray C90. The Kallman algorithm is an excellent integer/logical serial benchmark for compilers and architectures and some results are given in the technical reports pages and in Computer Physics Communications, 124 (2000), pp. 315-329.

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