Curriculum Vitae - George Delic, 2001 email:


- USA permanent resident (green card holder).

- Passed minimal background check for U.S. EPA contract (1993).


- Work and play with parallel computers and Fortran/C compilers; 
- Cooking (no recipies please - let's invent something!);
- Working out with machines and free weights at the Chapel Hill Y.

Cultural interests:
- Avid recorded music collector  ( > 1000 CD's and > 2000 LP's);
- Drama, opera, orchestra, and ballet enthusiast (support the North Carolina Symphony and Cleveland Orchestras);
- Reading includes biographies, history, and fiction.

- Down-under to Australia regularly;
- France and England in recent years; 
- Germany and Scandinavia soon (again!).

The last word is for Irene:
- Thank you for 33 wonderful years!

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