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HiPERiSM - High Performance Algorism Consulting



To order products follow the steps on the sales page and FAX your Request for Quotation to (919) 806-2813. Contact HiPERiSM Consulting, LLC, for supported platforms and details on operating systems.

Intel licensed products License Type

(Perpetual, per copy)

Pricing Information
Compilers and Cluster Toolkits node-locked or floating Contact HiPERiSM
Thread Checker and Threadprofiler node-locked Contact HiPERiSM
Trace Analyzer, Trace Collector Node-locked or local network (TA), System locked (Collector) Contact HiPERiSM
Libraries, VTune Performance Analyzer node-locked Contact HiPERiSM
First year included in license purchase
Includes technical support through Intel Premier SupportWeb
portal, and upgrades for licensed platforms.
Contact HiPERiSM

For further sales information contact your HiPERiSM representative for an analysis of your requirements.


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