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HiPERiSM - High Performance Algorism Consulting



To order any of the HiPERiSM Consulting, LLC, services call or Email to discuss your requirements.

To order products follow these steps:

  1. View detailed product information by selecting the hyperlinks on the products page matrix.

  2. Optionally, to discuss your requirements Email us, or use the Contact data.

  3. Find pricing information by selecting the appropriate hyperlink in this product matrix and use the next.jpg (2042 bytes)   button at the bottom of each page to return here.

  4. Fax your Request For Quotation (RFQ) to (919) 806-2813, or Email it.

  5. TERMS: we accept VISA, check, or direct deposit.

  6. No permanent licenses are issued until full payment is received.

Government customers note that HiPERiSM is a registered vendor with DOD/DLA's SAM data base.

Developer tools Windows™ Linux
HPC and multi-core Performance

Intel VTune Performance Analyzer™

Intel VTune Performance Analyzer™

Static source analyzer, or Debug FORTRAN-lint, FORTRAN-lint+OpenMP, Lint-PLUS FORTRAN-lint, FORTRAN-lint+OpenMP, Lint-PLUS
Automated software testing Grayboxx for FORTRAN Grayboxx for FORTRAN

Intel compilers

Intel compilers

OpenMP-style SMP directive processors Intel Thread Checker Intel Thread Checker
MPI code analysis and profiling N/A Intel Trace Analyzer™

Intel Trace Collector™

Numerical and statistical libraries


Intel performance libraries


 Intel performance libraries

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For further sales information contact your HiPERiSM representative for an analysis of your requirements.


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