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An example of the optimization process using Intel's VTune Performance Analyzer™ and the Intel Thread Checker™ to create optimized portable parallel code for Shared Memory Parallel (SMP) platforms.

Phase Step Action
Baseline 1 Select performance metrics from the VTune performance analyzer
2 Select suitable test code/data and run base-line case
3 Record baseline metric values of all counters in the VTune performance analyzer
Serial 4 Generate a routine calling tree
5 Profile and rank the routines by decreasing CPU time usage
6 In the top ranking routine analyze the loop structure
7 Optimize the top ranking routine using code modifications or compiler options.
8 Repeat steps 2-3 for the modified test code and compare to the base-line case
9 Repeat 4-8 (for each new top routine)
Parallel 10 Present serial optimized test code to the vendor auto-parallel preprocessor
11 Study output source and replace vendor directives with OpenMP directives (modify as needed)
12 Repeat steps 2-3 for parallel test code and compare to base-line case
13 If parallel code produces incorrect numerical results go to step 15
14 Optimize the OpenMP parallel code using the Intel Thread Checker™
15 Validate the parallel code using the Intel Thread Checker™
16 Repeat steps 2-3 for modified test code and compare to base-line case

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