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HiPERiSM - High Performance Algorism Consulting

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The mission of HiPERiSM Consulting, LLC, is to bring the world of High Performance Computing (HPC) to individual scientific and engineering programmers: one developer at a time, one-on-one, and at the desktop. 

Personal computer multiprocessor workstations running the UNIX,  Windows™ or Linux operating systems have grown in market share. The world of distributed memory parallel (DMP) cluster, shared memory parallel (SMP), and General Purpose Graphical Processing Units (GPGPU), for workstation (or cluster) computing has undergoing important transformations (both in hardware and software) at a rate that is difficult for individual end-users to assimilate and utilize.

Developers who wish to understand how to efficiently utilize these technologies need a skill set in coding practice and expert support in cluster computing that was previously required only on high end multiprocessor supercomputers.

HiPERiSM Consulting, LLC, will facilitate the transition to the new era of desk-side parallel processing by providing: training in HPC skills, consultation support, system integration support, and by acting as sales representative for key developer software technologies. 

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