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We offer expertise, products, and services in: High performance computing, Air Quality Modeling support, Software engineering, and Data visualization, for Linux clusters and MS Windows platforms.


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  • new.gif (1804 bytes)The latest speedup results with the OpenMP version of CHEM and HADV subroutines in CMAQ 5.3 are here.
  • HiPERiSM is a reseller for the full line of software products from Intel (see the pages for Products).
  • Visit the Sales page for information on how we issue quotations and take orders.
  • Want to develop bug-free software? Visit the Products/Static source analyzer Fortran Lint testing tools from Cleanscape Software International: Download the brochure.


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  • Check out training courses (now in Fortran & C on MS Windows and Linux) on the Services/Training and workbooks pages for OpenMP language, Vector-to-OpenMP code conversion, MPI programming, and hybrid OpenMP+MPI programming.
  • Air Quality Modeling (AQM) Service under Services/Air Quality Modeling pages.
  • Air quality modelers: visit the computing resource page to learn how you can use HiPERiSM's clusters for AERMOD & CMAQ workloads.
  • Science & Engineering data Visualization (SEV) service under Services/Software Engineering pages.
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