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Course HC3: Using OpenMP Tools to Parallelize and Maintain Applications

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This training workshop can also be combined with HC7 as a two-day presentation by HiPERiSM


Completion of HiPERiSM's 2-day course HC2: "Using OpenMP for Parallel Computing."


This one-day course teaches participants how to parallelize an application for shared memory parallel (SMP) systems using OpenMP software development tools to increase productivity and reduce time to completion.

Morning: OpenMP development tools


Step-by-step modules cover the basics of using:

  1. OpenMP compilers,
  2. automatic parallelization,
  3. debugging tools, and
  4. performance analysis tools.

Examples of usage

This module shows how these tools can be used for simple examples of OpenMP codes taken from HC2

Afternoon: Case studies

Case studies with full applications will be taken from HC2.


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