HiPERiSM's Intel MPI visualization and Analysis product 

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Intel Trace Analyzer™ (formerly Vampir) MPI tools from Intel


Visualization and Anaylsis of parallel MPI programs
  • GUI with detailed context-sensitive window menues
  • Evaluate the load balance
  • Identify communication performance and hotspots
  • Analyze performance by process, events or operations
  • Streamlined user interface
  • MPI performance libraries
Graphical Displays
  • Used with Intel Trace Collector™
  • Time line view of calculation and communication
  • Program execution and communication statistics
  • System snapshots, fast zoom, and animation
  • Global calling tree
  • Optional source code display
  • see the GUI here!
  • Communication bottle-neck resolution
  • Optimized load balance
  • Certification of parallel efficiency
Quick Overview of Intel tools for MPI Look at Chapter 10 of HiPERiSM Course HC6.

HiPERiSM Course HC7 now offers a complete one-day training package!

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