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HiPERiSM - High Performance Algorism Consulting

HiPERiSM Consulting, LLC, is a reseller of products and tools to simplify development of Fortran and C/C++ programs on desktop and cluster platforms. Our offerings include compilers and cluster toolkits for portable shared memory parallel (SMP) and distributed memory parallel (DMP) code development from  leading HPC software developers. 



The products we offer include source code analyzers, compilers, SMP OpenMP directive processors, graphical development and verification tools for SMP or DMP code, and SMP or DMP numerical and statistical libraries. The target operating systems include proprietary Linux and Windows™. View detailed product information by selecting the hyperlinks in the product matrix shown here and follow a guided tour with the next.jpg (2042 bytes)  button at the bottom of each page (this tour returns here). Find pricing information by selecting the appropriate hyperlink in the product matrix under sales.

Developer tools Windows™(1) Linux(2)
HPC and multi-core Performance Tools (3)

Intel VTune Profiler for CPU, GPU, and FPGA devices

Intel VTune Profiler for CPU, GPU, and FPGA devices

Static source analyzer, or Debug FORTRAN-lint, FORTRAN-lint+OpenMP, Lint-PLUS FORTRAN-lint, FORTRAN-lint+OpenMP, Lint-PLUS
Automated software testing Grayboxx for FORTRAN Grayboxx for FORTRAN
Compiler (3)

Intel Fortran Classic (ifort) or IntelFortran Compiler (ifx), Intel Compiler C/C++ (icx)

Intel Fortran, Intel C/C++



OpenMP-style threading debugger (3) Intel Inspector Intel Inspector
MPI code analysis and profiling (3) N/A

IntelTrace Analyzer and Collector (included in the Intel oneAPI HPC Toolkit)

(1) For Windows platforms Intel tools support is for either command line, or a GUI interface and the latter requires

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 or 2017 installed

(2) For Linux Eclipse may be required.

(3) Intel compiler products may be purchases separately, or together with the tools listed here in a complete package, as for example in Intel Parallel Studio, or as part of the IntelĀ® oneAPI HPC Toolkit.

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